The Professional Alternative To Send Files With No Size Limit

The email has become the primary tool of professional communication. We use it to send from a simple message to a meeting reminder, a summary of that meeting or a long text document, attached directly or attached.

file transfer

But although the email has improved a lot, to send large files it still falls short, so we usually upload that content to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or similar. Another option, if we want to give it a professional touch, is to go to services such as WeTransfer, which allow you to customize the download page and have a time limit to download that shared content.

Easy, Fast And Unlimited

We enter Smash and obtain the information we need to know: it is free, requires no registration, the files will be available for download for 14 days and, best of all, we can upload content without size limits. And like any web service worth its salt, you can access Smash from a PC, a Mac, a smartphone or any tablet.

To use it you just have to press the Accept button and a moving icon will appear with the message “Click or release your files here to make a Smash shipment”. Once the file has been uploaded, you can share it by email by sending a download link or copy that link and send it to your recipient via Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or the source of your choice.

Obviously, the service allows to obtain more functions if we acquire a monthly subscription of payment that we can invoice monthly or annually. In those cases, the shared files may remain for an entire year on their servers, view a transfer history …

And in all cases, with the paid subscription and in the free version, it is possible to configure a password, include preview of the files, customize the link to share and the validity date of the download, etc.

Safe And Reliable

No matter what you want to upload, if a document, a video, a folder with photographs … In addition, you can indicate at least one day for the download to expire at 24 hours. This way you make sure that it will only be accessible to whoever you want. What’s more, the content you upload to Smash servers is encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption standard and uses the SSL / TLS protocol at all times. To this must be included that complies with the European directives GPDR.

Smash was created in France in 2016 and since then offers this service for all types of users and for both personal and professional use, whether self-employed or freelance or work for a small, medium or large company. Moreover, names such as Disney, Universal, Spotify or NASA are included in its client list. You will find more information about how it works and everything it offers on its official website.


But as usual, when there is demand, the offer arises, and WeTransfer is not alone. Examples like Smash come to stay and help us spread videos, images or heavy content with security and professionalism.

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