How Can We Prevent The Flu? A Good Diet Is The Key

The arrival of autumn also implies the beginning of a phenomenon that is repeated every year: the dreaded flu. Colds, the flu and other infectious diseases that affect our respiratory system begin to be pronounced in autumn and winter. Why does this disease occur at this time of year? The low temperatures and the variation of humidity favour that this virus stays in the environment with more facility. The flu is that seasonal disease in which we feel pain in the joints and muscles, we have fever, headache, nasal congestion and cough.

Flu symptoms

It is transmitted through direct contact with another infected person, and although the influenza vaccine or influenza vaccine can protect us considerably against this disease, the truth is that it is difficult to isolate. In fact, between 2018 and 2019 there were a total of 490,000 minor cases and 35,000 required hospitalization.

A Broth, Onion Or Garlic Are Essential

So what can we do to avoid getting infected this year? Food is a very important factor when it comes to protecting ourselves against the flu. There are certain foods that can help us strengthen the immune system or relieve symptoms. Which are?

There is nothing better to fight the cold than a good hot broth of chicken, vegetables or fish. If you are already suffering from the flu and the first symptoms are appearing, a broth with these ingredients will help relieve your throat and congestion.

Onion and garlic are two foods rich in antibacterial properties and can be used to protect your immune system and fight flu symptoms such as cough. Both should be eaten raw because they provide more benefits for your health. In fact, onion contains quercetin, an anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic. You can choose to combine these foods in salads or squeezing them at meals if you don’t like the taste.

Foods Rich In Vitamins And Fibre

Undoubtedly, vegetables contain nutrients based on vitamins and fibre that are essential to prevent colds. Spinach or lettuce, for example, contain large amounts of vitamins E and C.

Staying hydrated is essential and a good way is by infusions of roots such as ginger. A ginger and lemon tea is vital to relieve sore throats because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

For breakfast, you can choose to eat oatmeal because it has antioxidant properties, and is a source of polyphenols that can help our immune system.

Finally, another food that can be a great ally to fight the flu is pumpkin. This tuber contains beta carotene that strengthens the immune system.

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