Recycled Materials That You Didn’t Know Exist

Desperate times require desperate measures. Our planet needs help, and these companies have had the craziest ideas to use recycled materials and save the Earth. Vollebak is a startup known for creating the first graphene jacket and inventing pants that will last you a century. Now, when it seemed that they had created strange enough textile proposals, they designed biodegradable t-shirts. Their shirts are made with eucalyptus and beech pulp, combined with algae grown in bioreactors.


The pulp of the trees is transformed into yarn that is woven and converted into cloth. The colours on the shirt are achieved thanks to the algae, which are processed to get ink.

Do not panic, the shirt is not going to decompose on top. To get to biodegrade you need fungi and bacteria, in addition to a special temperature that is reached by being buried in the ground for weeks.

Vollebak has more recyclable designs that are the most curious. Bright squid ink jackets or ceramic t-shirts are some of the products you can find on the website of this startup.

For Your Eyes, Potatoes

Yes, you read it right. Cubitts, a British company, has created glasses with yoghurt, potato and human hair containers. These are just some of the models, you can also find frames made with recycled plastic, CDs or corn husks.

How Can You Build Glasses With Human Hair?

They use hair to create a bio-resin dark. Once they get it, they can mold it with the shape of the mount.

In the case of potatoes, they are collaborating with the famous brand of frozen potatoes McCainn, where they get potato peels that transform into a material very similar to wood.

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